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Heybors are a community of advisors who give insight into their residential properties and neighborhoods!

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Why Heybor?

Picture this: You’ve combed the top property websites and found what may be your next apartment. You've met with the broker and visited the space. You've crunched the numbers, and it seems like you have all the info you need before you sign on the dotted line and move into your new abode... Or do you?

Are you ready to commit to a new apartment without knowing details like:

  • How is street parking in the neighborhood?
  • How far is the local grocery store?
  • What's the nightlife like?
  • Does the elevator work consistently?
  • Is the super attentive?
  • Can I do laundry at midnight?
  • Is it safe enough to go out for a late jog around the block?

Wouldn't you love to pick the brain of someone who has lived in the area—or even in the same building?

Heybor! is a mobile app that allows users to provide insight into properties across the city. Download now to join a community of your peers who are looking to improve the way we co-habitate!

Amazing Features

All you need to know about properties in your area.

Nearby Properties

Get nearby property based on your current location.

Search Properties

Super easy search capabilities to help you locate the exact properties you're interested in researching!

Property on Map

Get property on map for easy location finding.

Add Property

Register a property that you own or a property that you reside in.

Reviews and Ratings

Add a review and rate any property while providing insight on the neighborhood!


Get notified when new property or review added.

About Us

What is Heybor!
A welcoming social platform (Hey) that allows users (Neighbor) to review their residential environments. Heybor! also allows landlords and owners to promote their properties through verified ratings and reviews.

Our Vision
Harmony, peace and community in every neighborhood. Heybor! increases transparency and gives everyone a voice in the rental market.

Who are Heybors?
Heybors (that’s what we like to call users) are current, former and prospective tenants of properties across the city, The Heybor! community understands the importance of finding the perfect place to live, and they want to make sure you are armed with all the information you need before selecting the apartment you will call home.

Who is behind Heybor?
Your peers! Heybors are everyday people who want to find the perfect dwelling for their lifestyles! Created by Kiola George, the idea for the app came out of a conversation with neighbors (over maybe one too many glasses of wine) where war stories were traded about finding their way into their current residences. “Wouldn’t it have been nice if we could’ve had this conversation before we moved?” and the rest is history. Heybor! App was on its path to creation. Along with Sonya George-Adetola and Kevin Adetola, the partners joined forces to put their vision into action and the Heybor! App launched in February 2016.


Heybor! app features

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